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Oh, Billy boy, you sanctimonious, hypocritical, forgetful fuck. Unlike you, Eric was able to feed on Sookie without putting her in a coma. It’s rather arrogant for, as Talbot would say it, a century old child to think he has more self-control than a thousand year old vamp.

also, TB should be careful with the statements it makes. Most vampires that have been around Sookie handled themselves pretty well. Pam has never tried to bite her and she’s younger than Bill. Jessica is never even shown to appreciate Sookie’s scent. Details like this annoy me - because then they come and say something dramatic like this and it just doesn’t hold.

But I think this is done purposely to showcase Bill’s deception with Sookie. This isn’t bad writing, this is Bill being Bill and lying about how special he is because of his humanity and because of her. This falls completely in line with all of Bill’s grand statements and who he is. 

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ETA: I suppose it can be argued being was being melodramatic to win her favor again.

There is a chance it is on purpose, yes. But this is only one of the moments they allude to vampire’s inability to control themselves with Sookie. Russell says something like that when he’s all charred up and tied to a pole in Fangtasia.

I always assumed he meant when a vampire feeds from her, not necessarily when they’re around her. That’s what KRE meant when he addressed Bill’s ability to withhold his pleasure (or however he put it) and it being unusual. However, we know Eric is capable of keeping himself in check, even when he hasn’t fed and is injured.

KRE, just like any other character on the show, has only limited info. He doesn’t know that Bill already almost drained Sookie once. He believes that Bill is some sort of Tantra master who takes delicate little sips of Sookie’s blood because that’s how Bill comes off—as a fastidious Victorian gentleman who resents drinking human blood. KRE is right in that most vampires who don’t know or care about Sookie would have no problem draining and killing her.

I like the characterization of Bill Compton as a “Victorian gentleman” even if he isn’t British. Queen Victoria’s England was a huge contradiction. It was an era of public sentimentality and private brutality. Their attitudes toward sex are perhaps the best example. This was a society which was so prudish about the human body that they covered the legs of grand pianos, lest they put indecent thoughts of naked human limbs into the minds of impressionable young women. Yet London also supported more than 100,000 prostitutes during her reign and the infamus sexual serial killer Jack the Ripper preyed upon them. Victorian gentlemen were perfectly capable of holding two, apparently opposite ideas in their heads at the same time—and believing both of them. They were the poster children for cognitive dissonance. Bill is the perfect Victorian gentleman. A sexual sadist who insists his love for Sookie is pure and true. Someone who’s betrayed everyone he’s gotten close to, but manages to convince himself it was “for their own good.” A cold-blooded, violent kiler who doesn’t like to get his hands dirty. 

It makes perfect sense that he could nearly drain Sookie, then claim that he has self-control around her blood only a few days later.